Tetsuka Ryokan, Miyanojo Onsen

Tetsuka Ryokan, Miyanojo Onsen

Adding design to the peacefulness of a well-established inn

Operating since 1964, the well-established inn is located near Satsumasendai city.
It underwent renovation in 2005 and currently has four designer guestrooms.

The large bath uses a simple spring, at a temperature of 50 degrees C, coming directly from the source. Furthermore, a reserved outdoor bath is available so visitors can enjoy different baths. The inn is also popular among women as it has facilities geared to female visitors such as a bedrock bath, a beauty salon and a café bar.
In a tranquil space surrounded by greenery, feel at peace and comfortable as you spend a time of relaxation.


Tetsuka Ryokan, Miyanojo Onsen
1482-1 Yuda, Satsuma-cho, Satsuma-gun, Kagoshima
URL http://www.tetsuka.jp/en/index.html