”Takijiman Shuzo” a cup that persuade you to drink more

”Takijiman Shuzo”br>a cup that persuade you to drink more

Great water of Akame Shijuhachi Waterfall

When you follow the origin of the river that runs by the Takijiman Shuzo brewery, you will get to Akame Shijuhachi Waterfall which the label is named after. This waterfall is famous for it’s delicious water and named as one of the 100 famous waterfalls of Japan and was selected for ”100 famous water from Heisei Era”. Takijiman is made with this great water.
But, you cannot make sake that people love just with water. Takijiman Shuzo aims to create ”sake that one person can drink 100 cups rather than 100 people can drink one cup.” It is not to claim that ”this is the taste of our sake”, but to prioritize the person who will drink it. So there is a sake that you can really taste the flavor of the rice to one that is really smooth to drink.

To perform thorough control

However, ”it’s easily said than done”. When you look at how Takijiman Shuzo makes their sake, you can really feel their words. Washing rice is done by hand even in the middle of the coldest days, and they use smaller than regular tank so it is easier to control.
They take precise care for bottling too which brewery with bigger production cannot accomplish. Even though the production amount is smaller, they make ”sake that a person can drink 100 cups”. While eating your food, you will drink more without realizing it. This is a sake just like that.


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