”Reisai Koubou” Shigaraki for Daily Use

”Reisai Koubou”
Shigaraki for Daily Use

Strong, Fire-resistant Earthenware Pots

We visited Jun Hirokawa of ”Reisai Koubou” to actually see Shigaraki-yaki.
Hirokawa is a earthenware pottery artist. Compared to normal earthenware pots, Hirokawa’s are created with an original mixture of fire-resistant clay plus petalite ore and is very strong against fire.
It is a marvelous creation, being so resilient to fire that it will not crack even when placed directly over the flame without any liquids inside. It is perfect for hot pots, stews, grilling, steaming, and almost any other type of cooking.
It is extremely popular for its practicality as well as its simple design.

Pottery Fit for Daily Use

”Reisai Koubou” is run by and Hirokawa. His wife Minori also creates Shigaraki bowls. The bowls she makes are of Japanese traditional design but she adds a spice of modern design, just right for daily use.
The works of art that are created at the workshop are sold at the antenna shop ”Ubu ubu” as they interact with the customers. Being able to get feedback directly from the customers helps inspire and stimulate their creative work.
Shiga, land of pottery. If you feel a bit hesitant towards pottery, here is a place where you can encounter pottery for daily practical use.


Reisai Koubou
2319 Kaigake Hinocho Gamou Shiga