Sake Made in Wooden Tanks ”Gohashi Kiwami Denshin Kimoto Kitaru Zukuri, Junmai Daiginjo”

Sake Made in Wooden Tanks
”Gohashi Kiwami Denshin Kimoto Kitaru Zukuri, Junmai Daiginjo”

Sake Made with great care using wooden tanks

Sakaishuzou is a sake brewery located in the city of Iwakuni in Yamaguchi Prefecture founded in Meiji 4. At Sakaishuzou, they use underground water from “Nishikigawa” the largest clear water river in Yamaguchi Prefecture, sake brewing rice “Yamada Nishiki”, and skills of master craftsmen. This is the trinity which combines to create “the sake of Iwakuni”. They also use wooden tanks instead of ordinary tanks. “Kitaruzukuri” means sake made in wooden tanks instead of steel tanks with enamel coating. Temperature control is difficult in the wooden tanks, but it results in a distinctive flavor.

Different results even with the same conditions

Large wooden tanks line the ”sake” cellar. We climbed a ladder placed against one of them and looked inside. “The mixed aroma of wood and yeast is quite something.” Said Nakata surprisingly. “Even in the same tank, we may get ”sake” with an elegant aroma or a rough and flamboyant aroma. That’s what makes it interesting.” SaysToji and director. Asked if there is a difference between ”sake” made in wooden tanks from those using enamel tanks, using the same rice and water, he answered, “It “wood” make a difference. It could just be a matter of image, but ”sake” made in a wooden tank has more of a comfortable image. It’s easy to make ”sake” just for the sake of getting drunk, but everyone here knows that it’s more interesting to make ”sake” through hard work.”

Introducing sake to the world along in line with the expansion of Japanese cuisine

We tasted ”Gohashi Kiwami Denshin Kimoto Kitaru Zukuri, Junmai Daiginjo” which won 1st prize in the “Free-style Category”. Nakata nodded and commented while checking its taste, “kitaru zukuri” ”sake” has the image of being a light tasting ”sake”, but this has full body.” “The method of “kitaru zukuri” has a long history. Its brewing technique had already been established in the Edo period. There’s so much to be discovered and learned from making many types of ”sake” today.” Said President and Representative Director. Hideki Sakai . On the topic of overseas expansion, Sakai commented, “Population is decreasing in Japan but increasing overseas. Along with the expansion of Japanese cuisine, I believe ”sake” can be competitive in the world market.” Sakai and Nakata discussed the prospects of sake.


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