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”The Screen” Selectable Hotel Born in Kyoto

”The Screen”
Selectable Hotel Born in Kyoto

Pure Fun of Selecting!

”The Screen” is the very first ”selectable hotel” in Japan, located south of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. ”The Screen” gives you the pleasure of enjoy being indecisive, with 13 guestrooms to choose from. The rooms have been created by domestic and international designers and creators under the concept ”Space that offers hospitality”. The participating artists consist of a Japanese painter, a pair of Thai sisters who are designers, and a London lighting designer. This innovative hotel is appealing especially because it exists in Kyoto, with their strong message, ”inheriting tradition with desire to develop further”.

Stimulating the Senses

However, their main features do not end here. Their restaurant, ”BRON RONNERY” serves Kyoto-style French in a room donned with a huge Japanese painting, so daring it seems like a scene from a Hollywood film. The CAFE LOUNGE 燦々 (Sunsun)” offers calm space with Japanese ambience. A hotel that promises to stimulate your senses by offering encounters with Kyoto’s innovative creators.


The screen
640-1 Shimogoryomaecho Teramachimarutacho sagaru Nakagyoku, Kyoto