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Visiting the Three Major Spiritual Mountains of Japan ”Oyama Shrine”

Visiting the Three Major Spiritual Mountains of Japan
”Oyama Shrine”

Maetate Shadan, Kiganden, Mine Honsha

The Tateyama mountain range is the symbol of the abundant nature of Toyama. Oyama in particular has been known as being one of the three major spiritual mountains of Japan along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Hakusan. Minehonsha main shrine of the Oyama Shrine is located on the summit of the mountain. Oyama situated by the Sea of Japan has a lot of snow, and during winter the mountain is completely covered with snow, making it difficult to reach the summit during the snowy season. To make the year-round rituals and events possible, the Maetate shaden was constructed on the grounds of Oyama shrine closest to the plains. Maetate Shadan, Kiganden, Mine Honsha, all 3 together are the Oyama Shrine.

The Scenic View from the Summit of Oyama

This shrine is considered as be the number one shrine in Ecchu district, having gained strong reverence from the people of the region and also from the samurai. For example, Yoritomo Minamoto had worked strenuously to restore the main building and then the Ashikaga and then the Sasa clans followed. Numerous feudal lords and samurai families strongly advocated the shrine. Nakata this time participated in climbing Mt. Oyama. The rays of the sun that shone through the tree branches were mystical and the view from the Honsha summit at an altitude of 3000 meters was so breathtaking we were lost for words to describe how magnificent it was.


Oyama Shrine
1-banchi Iwakuraji Tateyamamachi Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture