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Rediscovering the Beauty of Japanese Handwork ”Inshu Nakai Kiln”

Rediscovering the Beauty of Japanese Handwork
”Inshu Nakai Kiln”

Inshu Nakai Kiln
243-5 Kawaharacho Nakai, Tottori, Tottori Prefecture

Practical and beautiful

”Inshu Nakai Kiln” is attracting attention after presenting a collaborative piece with world renowned industrial designer, Sori Yanagi. The studio is known for the creation of new folklore art under the guidance of the late Shoya Yoshida, the ”father” of the ”Tottori Mingei” movement. Currently, the second generation Saneo Sakamoto and third generation Akira Sakamoto are producing wares which can be used for daily use. Pottery is beautiful when used properly. The pieces from Nakai Kiln incorporate both practicality and beauty.

Making a plate

Their work which express the beauty of different color variations by combining different color glaze such as green, black or white, is a representation of not only Tottori but Japanese ceramic art. Their handmade creations symbolize the importance of tradition as well as modern sensitivity. During our visit, Nakata experienced making a plate. With his past experience, Nakata has become quite deft at using the potter’s wheel and creating smooth curves. Pottery involves paying attention to the clay and thinking of those who will be using the piece that is being made. This folklore craft which combines daily life with art, will continue for generations to come.


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