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Using water from Sendai River, which runs through Tottori Sand Dunes ”Suwaizumi”

Using water from Sendai River, which runs through Tottori Sand Dunes

Suwa Shuzo Co., Ltd.
451 Chizu, Yazu District, Tottori Prefecture

”Sake” making without heaven

In the last episode of a popular ”manga”, ”Natsuko’s Sake” by Akira Seo, the retiring brew master gives parting words to the next brew master. He talks about ””sake” making without heaven”. These words were spoken by Kizo Narukawa who was a master brewer at Suwaizumi for many years. (He is currently an advisor.) What was meant by his words is, ”There is no heaven in ”sake” making, because it is never complete or perfect.” This philosophy has been carried on as the brewery’s philosophy. Suwaizumi was established in the 6th year of Ansei, or 1859. It is the oldest ”sake” brewery in Tottori prefecture. The ”sake” is mild to the palate and goes smoothly down the throat, with a concentrated ”umami”. The untiring efforts of the ”toji” and the carefully selected water and rice account for the excellent finish.

Growing rice and brewing ”sake”

What gives Suwaizumi its taste is the Sendai River, the birth mother of the Tottori Sand Dunes. The brewery is located near the source of Sendai River, and a well was dug to draw water from the river. This water is used for everything from brewing ”sake” to washing the ”sake” bottles. Also, at Suwaizumi, the brew master cultivates ”sake” rice himself. They also use other locally grown rice from Tottori prefecture, being sure to only use healthy rice raised in soil using organic fertilizer. Careful attention to each of these processes makes the rich tasting ”sake” possible.


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