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”Resort Kumano Club” spending the time like your hometown

”Resort Kumano Club”
spending the time like your hometown

Letting yourself go to the rhythm of the ”Ancient Calendar”

In July 2009, a new resort opened in Kumano where it is rich in nature and history. ”Resort Kumano Club” uses the ”Ancient Calendar” = ”Nature” as a basis of time which Japanese people have been accustomed to from the old days. They provide facilities for eating, playing, learning, relaxing in order for the guests to experience the nature and its rhythm.
Accommodations are ”Hotel Yasuragino Kura” and separate complex named ”Hanare Wararamura”. You will take the courtesy bus from the main reception area ”Hon Choba” to the hotel where the relaxing view of the mountains unveils. At ”Hotel Yasuragino Kura” has 20 rooms in total. ”Hanara Wararamura” is a separate complex and ”Mangetsuan” has 6 rooms in total available for mid to long term stay. It includes kitchen so you can cook and fitted with outdoor bathtub made of Kumano Cedar,

Many ideas so you can experience Kumano

At the restaurant ”Ryotei Koku”, you can enjoy ”Kaiseki” dinner incorporating the local Kumano ingredients using Japanese and Italian style cooking. And at ”Restaurant Chisoan”, you can enjoy family style food from the local cuisine.
If you want to take the flavor of Kumano as souvenir, they sell ”Kumano Club” original jam at their store ”Mountain bounty, Ocean bounty, Kinan Sachi Shoten”. Since there is a limit in production per day, we recommend you to confirm when you check in.
There is another way to enjoy ”Kumano Club” focusing on the varieties of experience program such as ”Kumano Kodo Walk”, ”Rafting Experience” for going up the river, ”Chinaguro stone processing experience” famous for their production of ”Sumi ink”.
We are sure you will experience the special Kumano atmosphere whether you are spending time active or spending a relaxing time.


Resort Kumano Club
1430 Kushiya-cho, Kumano, Mie Prefecture