”K.K. Takahashi Toku ” Yuzen Drawn by Hand

”K.K. Takahashi Toku ”
Yuzen Drawn by Hand

Work that Requires Skill and Intuition

Ever since its opening in the year 1899 ”Takahashi Toku” has been continuing with ”Hand-drawn Yuzen”. Is the term suggests, it is dyeing a hand-drawn picture onto textile. There are many procedures concerned and there are many people involved. The planners who plan out the picture, the sketchers who draw the rough draft, the procedure requiring starch so the outer rim of the picture is clear, the skill to add color, the procedure to steam the kimono to stabilize the color, the craftsman for embroidering, etc. For every step, keen skill and intuition is required to complete the dyeing.

To Familiarize with Yuzen

Takahashi Toku has always been holding workshops for people to get familiar with Yuzen. There are various courses, even one that allows you to dye your own kimono making it possible to bring home your very own handmade kimono, though the entire procedure cannot be done in a flash. Small items such as wallets and card-holders are sold, which matches Western outfits as well as Japanese. There are many works that have been created through collaboration with the world’s top designers, attracting worldwide attention. Yuzen is one of the ”beauties” of the Japanese culture that the country prides itself in.


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