Expressing the body with lacquer ”Chie Aoki”

Expressing the body with lacquer
”Chie Aoki”

Eye catching works of art

The unique design merging lacquer and the human body inevitably catches the eye and rouses emotions.

The 2 features; the mellow glossed lacquer and the abstract form of the human body are fused together. Some works make you wonder, some may fill you with fear, some may be heartwarming…
It is difficult to express in a single phrase, but Aoki’s works are mysterious. It feels nostalgic in a way yet seems very new, and leaves a lasting impression.

Understanding lacquer, leading to creation

Chie Aoki, born in 1981 is still very young, and is responsible for creating these objects of art. She encountered lacquer while still attending Kanazawa College of Art and was completely taken in with its beautiful glossy charm. She then attended graduate school and became obsessed with creating artworks. She held solo exhibitions at the ”Gallery Te” and was highly praised at exhibitions such as the ”TAMA VIVIANT”.
Aoki graduated from Kanazawa College of Art doctoral course in 2010, and is now working freelance. It will be exciting to follow her work, and see how they dazzle and captivate our minds and eyes.


Chie Aoki
Ishikawa Prefecture