“Ghibli Museum of Mitaka” Entering the World of Animated Film

“Ghibli Museum of Mitaka” Entering the World of Animated Film

Museum in a forest, reminiscent of the film

“Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” “Princess Mononoke” “Spirited Away” etc. are all works of Studio Ghibli that most Japanese are familiar with. We visited “Ghibli Museum Mitaka” which is located inside Inokashira park.
“If it weren’t for this location, we would not have built the museum,” museum curator Kiyofumi Nakajima told us. “Studio Ghibli was still in Kichijoji when we were creating “My Neighbor Totoro”. So Miyazaki often took walks in this area.” Ghibli Museum Mitaka is located in the woods that are very similar to scenes from the film.

Space that Feels Like a Scene From the Movie

Inside the grounds, Nakajima continued “Miyazaki wanted to create the museum as though it were a movie.” The museum is designed so you can walk through each room as if it were a scene from a movie flashing and changing. And sure enough, walking around the maze-like museum makes you feel a bit nostalgic, and oddly off beat.
“The museum is about 3,960 square meters. Literally built from scratch in what used to be a forest. The Western style of the museum is based on all of the research Miyazaki did about western architecture for his movies. This spiral staircase is built to be “inviting”- We wanted people to want to climb it, instead of regarding it as a passage to the next floor.
Nakata laughs as he looks around. “It seems just as adventurous for adults too!” ”Yes, it seems to be quite appealing to adults.” Nakajima responded.
The rooms, “Where films are Born” which is designed like an atelier, and “The Big Cat Bus” which children can climb on, are year-round displays. Also popular is the Saturn Theater, where you can enjoy short animated films exclusively shown at the museum.

The Robot Soldier on the Roof

The robot soldier from the “Castle in the Sky” with the flower in his hand, is also on the museum grounds. It stands in the rooftop garden grandly overlooking the museum. “Oh! Just like in the film! The grass too!” Nakata exclaimed.
“We wanted children to freely roam about and learn about how our films are created.” Studio Ghibli is globally famous and there are guests from all over the world. They all seem to enjoy this spot. After a visit to the museum, Nakata commented, “It would be nice if there were a hotel like this…”
Nakajima told us “Being located in the park, Ghibli Museum is also a part of the people that come together, and a part of the nature that surrounds it.”
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Ghibli Museum of Mitaka
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