”Rice Meister, Shuzo Fukushi” Blending to Enhance Taste

”Rice Meister, Shuzo Fukushi”
Blending to Enhance Taste

Store with a Rice Meister

A store in Kojimachi Tokyo called ”Rice Meister Kojimachi”. As the word ”meister” implies, information is gathered about the region of origin, cultivation method, and new rice varieties so that they can provide the perfect rice to match the customer’s needs. They sell to individuals as well as for professional use, providing ”great tasting rice”, the essence of food business. We interviewed Shuzo Fukushi, representative of ”Rice Meister Kojimachi”.
Fukushi himself is a ”rice meister”. In addition to being in the rice business for more than 30 years, he is a 5-star meister. Not only is he knowledgeable about rice, he takes advantage of his abundant knowledge and information to create delicious rice.

Original rice blend

Fukushi makes great tasting rice by blending. In the past, ”blending” was a word that implied inexpensive rice being mixed together, geared towards ”cutting cost” rather than pursuing quality or taste. This image perhaps still remains in the minds of many consumers. However, Fukushi blends rice to create ”good tasting rice”.
”Different brands are blended together to make the most of their different features. Even if they are of the same koshihikari brand for example, they are different, depending on where they are grown. A single brand is never perfect. That is why perfection can be created by blending the best features of each, compensating and complementing each other.”
Because Rice Meister Kojimachi has many varieties of rice in stock, customers can blend their own original blend. Meister Fukushi is there to give the best advice according to the customer’s requests. Sticky, sweet, etc. The meister will help create the best blend for your preference, based on the information that is provided.

Fukushi’s Recommendations

Since Fukushi blends rice to create great tasting rice, there are a surprising number of rice varieties at his store. Starting with famous brands, he also carries rare rice; brown rice, and mixed grain rice which are not mass produced. He also has vacuum-packaged rice. ”You may call it hibernating rice. Vacuum-packaged rice which can be stored for long periods is also garnering attention. Brown rice is more suitable for vacuum-sealed packaging.”
In addition, mixed grain rice which is high in dietary fiber is also very popular. A very rare brand is one called the ”dragon’s eyes” which was discovered in Geroshi, Gifu by accident. The grains are rather large, sticky and is exceptionally sweet, the reason for its popularity. There are also brands such as ”Nikomaru” a brand that was crossbred at Kyushu Okinawa Agriculture Center, ”Toki rice” from Sado, ”Bunanomizu” of Nagano’s Nozawa Agricultural Production Union, etc. All varieties of rice from around the country.
The stories related to rice seem to be endless.
Fukushi always samples rice that he blends until he is satisfied with the blend. In the end, even with all the knowledge he has, Meister Fukushi relies on his tongue instead of his brain.


Rice Meister Kojimachi
2−6−10 Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
URL http://www.komemeister.co.jp/