Ichiyoshiki Ikebana, Akihiro Kasuya Empathizing with the Flower Arrangement

Ichiyoshiki Ikebana, Akihiro Kasuya
Empathizing with the Flower Arrangement

Observing the process

”Ikebana” is a form of flower arrangement established during the Muromachi period. Back then they were only appreciated by the higher classes. However, from the middle to the end of the Edo period, it became popular and spread among the commoners. The 3rd Iemoto of Ichiyoshiki Ikebana, Akihiro Kasuya commented, “People may think ikebana is all about the final arrangement, but “I want people to actually see it being created.””
“If you see the process, you’ll be able to observe “Oh, that’s how that flower is going to be used!” or “Oh? What is he thinking about doing next?” allowing you to take part in the whole process, offering a completely different perspective.”
Nakata nodded in agreement and said, “Yes, that is true. I had an opportunity just the other day to observe a live demonstration. It was quite a dramatic experience. “

Relating to flowers in your own way

Kasuya was born in Tokyo as the 3rd son of the second Iemoto and learned about flower arrangement since his youth. When he was 17, he began to present flower exhibitions in and out of his school, but in 1967 he traveled to New York to study interior design. We mentioned Kasuya’s comments of the importance of “seeing actual demonstrations,” and that is what Kasuya does most of the time. He holds impromptu performances.

Nakata asked, “Then how important is the ”style of the school”?”
“Our school tries not to deny anything. “Style of the school” is necessary as the basics during the learning process, so it’s important in that sense. However, when you want to express yourself, people should communicate with the flowers in their own way and do this freely.” I’ve used dead plants and even bleached ones as well. You can even use flowers upside down.”

Ikebana Experience

A blue vessel was placed in front of Nakata, encouraging him to try it for himself. But where should he begin?
asuya picked up a ”kenzan”.
“In the summer, I think it’s good to place this in the back, and in the winter place in the front.”
Seeing the perturbed look on Nakata’s face, Kasuya commented. “Ikebana is not just about the flowers, but everything comes together to form the final artwork. The water in the vessel is a part of this art too. If you place the ”kenzan” further back, it shows the water in the front. That creates a cool soothing effect.”
Interesting. You tend to focus on the flowers and the shape when you don’t anything about the artform, but ”ikebana” as an art includes the water as well.
With assistance from the Iemoto, Nakata selected branches and arranged the flowers. Exactly where he places them was left up to Nakita. This is what the Iemoto meant by “The moment of creation.”


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