Creating ”unrivaled temple bells” ”Oigo Manufacturing”

Creating ”unrivaled temple bells”
”Oigo Manufacturing”

Making of Temple Bells

The company name ”Manufacturing” means it manufactures something. That something is “Bonsho” or temple bells. Yes, those bells in Buddhist temples that that ring in a low tone. Oigo Manufacturing has a high reputation of creating famous high-quality ”bell masterpieces”. The company was founded during the middle of Edo period, and has been in operation for nearly 300 years.

Tones that Resonate to the Japanese Soul

The list of their clients are famous temples such as Nishi Honganji, Ikegami Honmonji, Naritasan Shinshoji, Sanju sangendo, etc. One of the prominent bells created is the Bell of Peace in Hiroshima. It was created by the Living National Treasure, Masahiko Katori of ”Oigo Manufacturing”. Masahiko Katori stations himself in the Oigo Manufacturing workshop and has created countless masterpieces. Temple bells domestically manufactured since the beginning of Asuka period has not changed in shape since Edo period. During the Edo period, the shape and unique timber tone had been established. Motoi of Oigo Manufacturing says, ”Our strongest feature is the long lingering undulation of sound. This is the sound the Japanese have pursued.” We feel calm and peaceful when we hear the low vibration of temple bells. Perhaps the bell in your neighborhood temple may be made by ”Oigo Manufacturing”.


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