Sandwiches handmade with care – FRANK’S

Sandwiches handmade with care – FRANK’S

FRANK’S is a café and bakery located by Kosaka station on the Kintetsu line that opened in 1980. Initially, the bread was made elsewhere, but they placed third in the Bakery Japan Cup in 2015, just 3 years after they began baking their own bread in 2012. The three items entered in the competition were a “hamburger roll”, “stewed pork roll” and “roast beef clubhouse roll”. A fluffy roll is filled with fillings which feature specially made sauces, and the sandwiches were a huge hit with the judges.

FRANK’S sells sandwiches and breads as well as cakes in a showcase, and has an adjacent café. There is a constant flow of customers, and the café is often full in the mornings and at lunch. The menu offers a wide range to choose from, including the “salad sandwich with fresh bread” featuring a sweet and chewy fresh roll, and “warm sandwiches with thick toast” filled with omelet, steak filet or black pork cutlet. Sandwiches are considered a meal at FRANK’S, and the taste is made to meet the critical eye of housewives and college students.


When asked to make a recommendation, the staff told us that the roast ham and egg salad sandwich and the fried shrimp sandwich are the most popular. They may seem quite orthodox, but the homemade filling and home baked bread are flavorful and lavish. The salad that accompanies the sandwiches has a delicious dressing, and the “set” menu gives you a choice of coffee, tea, orange juice, cola, and the local favorite “mix juice”. “Mix juice” is a soul food in Osaka and is a blend of milk, banana or other fruit, canned oranges, and sugar. Also popular is the cheeseburger and the macaroni au gratin which were added in commemoration of the 40th anniversary.


A branch opened in Higo-bashi in November 2020. Located in an apparel shop called “VODKA connecting people”, a kitchen was added to offer in-store eating, and the most popular dishes from the main café are served.


1-1-18 Kosaka-honmachi, Higashi Osaka, Osaka
TEL 06-6724-6462