Kanawa Oyster – raising “virgin oysters” which have never reproduced

Kanawa Oyster – raising “virgin oysters”
which have never reproduced

Hiroshima is famous for its oysters, making up more than 60% of total domestic production. Kanawa Oyster, located in Etajima city, produces oysters made to be eaten raw.
“Oysters filter about 30 liters of sea water per hour so it’s like a natural filter. It will grow if there is a lot of organic matter, but it also affects the flavor. We’ve been in business for more than 150 years and we’ve continued to pursue the cleanest, purest water in Hiroshima Bay. That is how we ended up here in 1973. We now have our rafts scattered around the uninhabited Okurokamishima Island for our oysters. The water is very pure, so it takes time for the oysters to grow, but we’re able to maintain the quality for them to be eaten raw.”

The fourth generation Tatsuo Miho president of Kanawa Oyster tells us, filled with pride for the quality oysters he produces. His number one recommendation is “virgin oyster” with its rich taste.
“Most oysters are grown for one to one and a half years, but the virgin oysters are only 3 to 4 months old. They’re small since they haven’t reproduced, but the taste is excellent. Only a few can be harvested, so they cost about 10 times more.
An oyster is removed from raft and opened with a knife. Inside is a small oyster, about the size of a small clam. It’s like taking a sip of oyster extract. There is no bitterness or smell, just pure great taste.
Of course, all of their products are just as delicious. We try their fried oysters, rice with oysters, oysters in oil and oyster casserole. Each dish was absolutely delicious.

“Oysters are thought to be winter items but can actually be enjoyed year round. I want to promote oysters to change the industry so people can enjoy oysters even in the summer.”
His hopes even those who aren’t fond of oysters will at least give them a try. A taste of his oysters will certainly change their mind.


Kanawa Oyster
1453-20 Fukae, Oogaki-cho, Etajima-shi, Hiroshima 737-2214
URL https://www.kanawa-oyster.com/