”Lacquer artist Nozomi Watanabe” – Space designed to experience the nature of lacquer

”Lacquer artist Nozomi Watanabe” Space designed to experience the nature of lacquer

Beautiful and sturdy lacquer furniture

Lacquer artist Nozomi Watanabe is based in Sapporo creating sculptures, containers, small items and furniture. Amongst her work, large pieces and artwork such as tables and chairs stand out. One lacquer chair in the studio is a vermillion color with a soft curve. When Nakata sits on it, it is harder and sturdier than he thought. He is surprised to hear that, ”it is strong and will not break unless it’s deliberately struck.” All the products are made using a dry lacquer technique, and made using only lacquer and linen to make furniture that is beautiful and sturdy.

Expressing the gloss and strength of lacquer

In the past, Watanabe made small items like jewelry. However she now creates pieces in varying sizes, mainly using the dried lacquer technique. We asked what prompted her to start making larger pieces like sculptures and furniture. She commented that ”I was interested in the ability of lacquer to make the hemp strong. I choose shapes that best express the gloss and strength of the lacquer. Nakata, who is quite knowledgeable about lacquer, also added, ”The strength of lacquer is not widely known.” There is an element of surprise and unusual sense in the large lacquer pieces.

Learning about the process of making lacquer pieces that give off a shine

Watanabe explained the whole creation process. ”I process lacquer in a bowl made for kneading buckwheat. The lacquer is ready to use once the moisture is gone completely.” The lacquer furniture is shaped and then 5 to 10 sheets of linen are applied and hardened by the lacquer. The piece is completed after it has been polished. The new interpretation of traditional lacquer is gaining wide recognition both in Japan and abroad. Ink-black lacquer pieces emit a light through the transparent gloss. The pieces of art which were inspired by the raw materials seem to seep down deeply in your heart.


Lacquer artist; Nozomi Watanabe
URL http://www.nozomiwatanabe.com/