Oma Saki (Cape Oma)

The northernmost land of Honshu,
"Oma Saki"

At the tip of Honshu, “Oma Saki”

 At Cape Oma, there is a monument that states,”This is the northernmost point of Honshu.”. The cape is located at the northern end of the Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture. Hokkaido is across the sea. On a sunny day, Hakodate in Hokkaido which is about 18 kilometers away, is clearly visible from the cape. Oma is also famous for tuna, and there is also a monument of a tuna at the Cape. To the south is Oma fishing port, where you can enjoy fresh seafood including tuna.

Oma Saki is inside Shimokita National Park which is a national park encompassing the major scenic spots of the Shimokita Peninsula. Also in the park are Mount Osore and Shiriya Zaki (Cape Shiriya) which is known for the semi-wild Kandachime horses that graze freely in the area. The scenic locations west of Kitashimo Peninsula are also designated to be part of Shimokita National Park. As you proceed down the cliff-lined coast, you come across Hotokegaura with its continuous boulder formations. It was designated as a National Scenic Spot and Natural Monument (as “Hotokegaura”) in 1941. There is a long staircase going down from the road to the coast. As you step off, a huge rock appears in front of you.

Out of reach from human hands

A well known writer, climber and traveler, Keigetsu Omachi wrote a poem when he visited Shimokita Peninsula in 1922 – “This is a deed of God made by hands of Oni, not a place of man”. The intense quiet of the location indeed gives the impression that it is not of this world. Nature, at times, creates sights beyond the human imagination, and this is one of those sights. Grandeur of nature certainly hit home.


Omasaki, Oma-machi, Shimokita Gun, Aomori