Miura Shuzo Co., Ltd. “Hohai”

"Wa" creates great sake -
"Miura Shuzo Co., Ltd. `Hohai`"


“Hohai” : Known to sake lovers nationwide.

To the east is Mount Hakkoda, with Mount Iwaki to the west and Shirakami Mountains towering to the south of this brewery. Miura Shuzo Co., Ltd. has its facilities in Hirosaki City which has an abundance of nature. Their premium brand is “Hohai”. In addition to “Hohai rice” which is made by a contract farmer exclusively for Miura Shuzo, other Aomori brand rice such as “Hanafubuki rice” and “Hanaomoi” are purchased and refined on site. The “sake” has a soft flavor and gentle aroma, and is highly praised by “sake” lovers across the nation. “I like “sake” that has a firm taste but also has a sharpness that fades away quickly.” says Nakata. Hohai definitely fits the description.

Approaching the ideal “sake” through trial and error.

Hohai is made by two brothers, Takeshi and Fumihito Miura. 14 years ago, the brothers began took over as successors of the brewery. They were only in their 20’s.
”We watched sake brewing since we were young, but actually making it was a first. So in the beginning, everything was trial and error.” they say. In the past, there were comments that Hohai tasted different every year. Still, they continued making it through trial and error, and ”finally on the 7th or 8th year, we were able to come close to the brewing ”sake” that we like.”, says Fumihito. What kind of ”sake” is that?
Takeshi told us ”We want to create ”sake” which you can drink while you eat. ”Sake” that doesn’t outshine the food not is it inferior. A ”sake” which allows you to enjoy both the meal and the ”sake”.



”Wajo Ryoshu” philosophy

Miura Shuzo is merely 500 manufacturing stones. The brewery refines its own rice, but it is uncommon for a brewery of this size to have their own refining machine. They chose to purchase the machine because they wanted to be able to give extra care in refining the rice that was made by the heart and sole of the rice farmers. This attitude extends to other brewing processes. Their philosophy “Wajo Ryoshu” is symbolic of their stance. It means “good” sake is possible only when all the people involved in the brewing are united. True to their philosophy, every single task is carried out with great care. That is why great “sake” is created and even better sake created over time. Their goal is to make “Hohai” the best tasting “sake” to be enjoyed with a meal. If people eat and drink well, the conversation also picks up. From the perspective of those enjoying the “sake”, “Wajo Ryoshu” might mean “Good “sake” brings out harmony.”


Miura Shuzo Co., Ltd.
5-1-1 Ishiwatari, Hirosaki, Aomori