”Sohongu” of nationwide Miyoshi shrines, ”Taihei Miyoshi Shrine”

”Sohongu” of nationwide Miyoshi shrines,
”Taihei Miyoshi Shrine”

A shrine with more than 1300 years of history

Visited Taihei Miyoshi Shrine, the ”Sohongu” of all the ”Miyoshi Shrine” ”Taiheisankou” ”Miyoshiko” that are located across the Tohoku region from Hokkaido to Fukushima, and also in San Paulo, Brazil. According to the Shrine’s records, it was founded in 673, more than 1300 years ago by En no Ozuno. Later in 801, Seiitaishogun Sakanoueno Tamuramaro built the temple hall before heading off to conquer the East, and the ”Okabura” that was dedicated to the shrine is still valued today as a sacred treasure.

Shinto god to aid the weak, vanquish evil

In the Miyoshi Shrine, there is a god, Miyoshi no Ookami. Miyoshi no Ookami is a god of power, victory, and hajakensho (castigates malice, preaches the truth). He helps the weak and vanquishes evil. During the Boshin War, the lords of Akita worshipped Miyoshi no Ookami, and the god became widely known when prayers were answered. The shrine is famous now for victory, success, prosperity in business, and is loved by people from all over the Kanto region as well as by the locals.

Yama no ue no Okunomiya

Satomiya stands in the manor of the Akita lord Satake. It is a ”miya” that is open to anyone at any time. Moreover, the Taihei Miyoshi Shrine has a okunomiya which is located on the summit of Mount Taihei. On the day of the visit, Nakata walked up the rugged mountain trail, some parts still covered with snow, to okunomiya. It was a tough trail, just as expected, as the mountain is known for Buddhist monks’ shugen. Once reaching the peak, Nakata had an expression of accomplishment, while commenting ”That was tough!”


Taihei Miyoshi Shrine
3 Akanuma Hiroomote Akita-City Akita
URL http://www.miyoshi.or.jp/