Wonders of glass ”Glass craft artist, Kuniaki Kuroki”

Wonders of glass
”Glass craft artist, Kuniaki Kuroki”

A workshop in the center of a tourist area

In the abundance of nature with the largest laurel forest in Japan, and designated as one of the “100 Selected Water Spots” by the National Land Agency, Aya factory was founded in 1985 as a third sector project with Unkai Shuzo. After a while, full-scale tours were set up to establish the factory as a center of tourism for Aya-cho, and it gradually developed into a tourism theme park as the number of visitors increased.

In Shusen no Mori, you can observe the process of “sake” making, and you can also taste and purchase “shochu”, “sake” and freshly made wine. Also on the premises are Aya Museum of Antiques, Aya Traditional Craft Museum and Glass Art Workshop.

Encountering the work of artisans

The Glass Art Workshop is led by Kuniaki, who is designated as the first “Contemporary Master Craftsman” among glass artisans in 1991, and received a Yellow Ribbon Medal in 2006. He is considered one of the leading figures of contemporary Japanese glass craftwork.

Many works are exhibited and sold, including his representative work, “Korin” series, which are luxurious and gorgeous pieces with gold leaves and platinum foils scattered among several layers of glass, combining such techniques as embedding and color glass. In addition, visitors can have a tour in the workshop, experience glass craftwork for themselves.

※ ”Contemporary Master Craftsman” ・・・ A system of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that honors outstandingly skilled craft workers. Once a year, the Award for Outstandingly Skilled Workers and other awards are given by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.


Kabushikigaisha Glass Art Kuroki
1800-19 Minamimata, Aya-cho, Higashi-Morokata-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture (Inside Aya Shusen no Mori)
URL http://www.glass-art-m.com/