”Atelier Toki” Crafts made of local materials

”Atelier Toki”
Crafts made of local materials

Treasuring the warmth of wood

”Atelier Toki” is an arts and craft shop located in a beautiful wooded area. The shop produces and sells mainly tableware made with random small local trees. Using the innate features of wood and the annual rings in the design, the pieces have a feeling of warmth and roundness.
Wood craft designer and owner Tokimatsu is an expert in making beautiful bowls and dishes from local materials. For him, quality, esthetics and ease of use are of the utmost importance, and takes the time and care to complete each piece without cutting corners.


Atelier Toki Design Institute
2666 Kawakami Aza Tsuboike, Yufuin-cho, Yufu-shi, Oita Prefecture