”Masaaki Kimura, Ise Katagami” painting the beautiful patterns

”Masaaki Kimura, Ise Katagami”
painting the beautiful patterns

It was developed as a souvenir from Kishuhan

Kimono that is hang on the hanger like if both arms were spread open. And the beautiful patterns that floats on top of it. It really makes me happy to be born Japanese.
”Katagami (Paper Pattern)” is used to make these patterns and figures to dye on to Kimono. In Ise, the pattern making has been popular since the old days and it has been used to dye ”Yuzen”, ”Komon” and ”Yukata”. It is said that the origin is more than 1000 years ago and has undergone tremendous development during the Edo period with the protection of the Kishu clan.
First, three pieces of Mino Paper brushed with persimmon tannin is overlaid vertically and horizontally and after drying in the sun, it is put in the room called ”Muro” to be smoked and to form the base of the pattern. Then it is completed by engraving patterns with a carving knife. There are various techniques such as ”Pull carving (Hikibori)” which draws even striped patterns, ”Cone carving (Suibori)” carving round patterns and ”Tool carving (Dougubori)”.

”Ise Katagami” give influence to any design

We met Masaaki Kimura, who specialized in a technique called ”Stab carving (Tsukibori)”. By stabbing the paper to carve the patterns, you can create more delicate shapes.

Originally, ”Ise Katagami” was used to dye Kimono but currently it’s art has been highly valued and is also used to dye furniture.
”How beautiful this Kimono is!”, yes, the patterns that many people looked upon in the old days, are still being made by the artists after so many years.


Masaaki Kimura, Ise Katagami (Paper Pattern)
Suzuka, Mie Prefecture