”Shimamoto Microbial Industry” The importance of soil building

”Shimamoto Microbial Industry”
The importance of soil building

Developed Organically Fermented Fertilizers

Although this may sound a bit unfamiliar, this is an agricultural microbial method. It is an agricultural method using microorganisms (and enzymes). The inventor is Kakuya Shimamoto. This is the same person who succeeded in applying wood debris into compost and developed an original method of organic fermented fertilizers and foliar spray.
Their research results are implemented not only domestically but across the globe as agricultural technology for environment preservation.

Taking advantage of Nature’s Cycle

Their fundamental philosophy: ”there is no greater skill than nature itself”. It is based on a simple fact that plants get nutrition from soil, so the soil needs to be kept rich and strong. To do this, they have focused on microorganisms, enzymes in particular, in their research, developing the above mentioned techniques.
The natural process of things will bring out the best in produce. So it is important to understand the natural process. If the cycle has been artificially twisted, it merely needs to be straightened out. Perhaps the objective of Shimamoto Microbial Agriculture is nature itself.


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