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Tokachi Millennium Forest, a forest of the future with a diversity of plants and animals

A forest of the future with a diversity of plants and animals
Tokachi Millennium Forest


Forest, Garden, Art, Food, Looking at nature in different dimension

The Tokachi Millennium Forest in a vast land filled with green, has a diverse natural environment including a meadow, waterfront, pasture, and different views of plants and animals depending on the season. The trees are well maintained and the forest is made to be as natural as possible. You can enjoy aspects unique to Tokachi such as the most beautiful garden, Segway tour which is still rare in Japan, modern art from famous artists such as Yoko Ono, horseback riding, and cheese making. Their goal is for nature and people to coexist, and to provide a place where you can experience the lifestyle of the future.

The astounding garden which feels like a part of the Hidaka Mountain range

We visited ”Earth Garden” designed by Dan Pierson which is one of the main facilities in the Tokachi Millennium Forest. Nakata commented, ”It’s as if they use Hidaka Mountain range as part of the scenery.” He felt the large scale of nature through the fusion of the grassy mountain in the Garden and the mountain range. ”Earth Garden” and ”Meadow Garden” were both awarded the highest ”Grand Award”, the first in Japan, at the 2012 English Society of Garden Designers. The northern garden landscape created by the powerful nature impresses all the people who visit.


Tokachi Millennium Forest
Minami 10-Sen, 103 Haobi, Shimizu-cho, Kamikawa-gun