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Main Island – ”Ganaha Livestock Farm” raising pork in Okinawa

Main Island - ”Ganaha Livestock Farm”
raising pork in Okinawa

Ganaha Livestock Farm
69 Okawa, Nago, Okinawa Prefecture

”Pork” recommended by Okinawa people

Okinawa has a rich food culture, and many local people eat pork frequently. Pork can be cooked without much waste, and it is said to be good for the health. That aroused interest in how livestock were raised, so Nakata asked people during the trip where they would recommend us to visit. We decided to visit ”Ganaha Chikusan”, which was recommended by many people including the chief chef of ”Kise Bettei”.

Secret of its delicious taste

Ganaha Chikusan raises ”Yanbaru island pig” and ”Ryubiton”. After listening to a description about pigs, we were able to actually touch the piglets and help the weaning process. The purpose of weaning is to have the mother pig’s body prepare for the next birth, and to give more nutrition to the piglets other than just the mother’s milk. This process of separating piglets from their mothers seems pitiless at first, but is an important step. Nakata commented, ”Doing it is totally different from what it looked like.”
【What is Yanbaru Island pork?】
A top-grade pork which takes the good features of 3 breeds of pork; a popular Okinawa-native pork ”Agu”, ”Duroc” and ”Berkshire”.
The characteristic flavor of ”Agu” pork remains, with a soft and elegant taste. It is said to be just as good as Iberian pork and Platinum pork.
Nutritional value is very high, rich in glutamic acid, oleic acid, and vitamin B1 compared to the standard pig.
Here at Ganaha Chikusan, pigs are raised in conditions most ideal for the health of the pigs, with nutritious food mainly of wheat, fossil corals rich in natural calcium from Yonagunijima, mugwort, garlic, seaweed, and molasses.


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