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No Chemical Fertilizers – Gentle to the Soil and Crops ”Tanaka Farm”

No Chemical Fertilizers - Gentle to the Soil and Crops
”Tanaka Farm”

Tanaka Farm Co., Ltd.
442 Orisaka, Yazu, Yazu District, Tottori Prefecture

Making soil with active bacteria

Crops grow using earth. The root of a plant is hidden underground, but supports the parts above the ground supplying nutrients to the plant. In order for healthy crops to grow, it is important to make soil which enables the roots to be able to do fulfill their role. Based on this philosophy, Tanaka Farm is very passionate about the soil they create. They do not use any chemical fertilizers, and work with neighboring farms to create matured compost, which is used in appropriate amounts. This method creates soil with a lot of active bacteria, allowing the roots to absorb the nutrients from the soil.

Agriculture as part of nature

The basis of this thinking is ”How can we create an environment where the crops grow ’naturally’”. Farmers use fertilizer to increase the yield and profit, and if the crops get sick as a result of that environment, then they use pesticides. Then of course, if pesticides are used, the soil is no longer viable for bacteria, requiring more fertilizer, and so the negative cycle continues… Modern farming focuses too much on short term gain, causing this vicious cycle to be repeated. Tanaka Farm does not deny the use of pesticides altogether. They would consider using pesticides if the need occurs. Their focus is on how much yield is realistic based on minimal stress on the crops and soil. Even if they didn’t use pesticides in their fields and paddies, how clean is the water that flows in from the aqueduct? If the air is contaminated, wouldn’t the rain and water be contaminated as well? However, just as humans have the power to heal themselves when they get sick, this is true for soil as well. Strong soil has the energy to cleanse itself. What Tanaka Farm is trying to do is to give the soil this power.


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