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Ohchi Nursery – Boasting Japan’s leading flower preservation technology

Ohchi Nursery
- Boasting Japan’s leading flower preservation technology

Ohchi Nursery Ltd.
Ohchi Nursery Ltd.

The technology that was developed by accumulated research

This is not a farm growing plants, but a farm specializing in making preserved flowers.
Flower preservation allows flowers to remain fresh and maintain their most beautiful condition.
Originally, Ohchi Nursing was Japan’s leading dry flower manufacturer in terms of quantity and transaction of dried flowers. They devoted themselves to research and development to keep the beauty of the flowers eternally.
Their endeavor made them Japan’s first company to successfully develope the preservation technology.
The technology enables the preservation of freshness and bright colors just like a freshly cut flower for many years if kept in a good condition.

For all occasions and purposes

Currently, they produce about 3000 variations of preserved and dried flowers. Their market share is as high as 50% in Japan. Their wide product range includes moss, fern and other leaves, and fruit and berries that are indispensable for flower arrangements, in addition to roses and carnations of different colors.
Today, preserved flowers are indispensable for flower arrangements, table decorations, bridal bouquets, or gifts. Ohchi Nursery presents ideas on how to use preserved flowers in each season as well as producing it.

Making trends

Ohchi Nursery holds an exhibition for Christmas and New Year’s Day decorations at the head office in Tamba, and in Tokyo in May, attracting about 1500 professionals. The planning team visits foreign countries to learn about trends. Like the fashion industry, the flower industry is required to respond to changing trends, such as shapes, colors and varieties of flower.
Ohchi Nursery continues set the trends trends from Tamba to flower lovers around Japan.
They do not retail their products. To get their flowers, visit a flower shop or a retailer of flower arrangement supplies near you.


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