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Wishing for Peace ”Heiwa Shuzo”

Wishing for Peace
”Heiwa Shuzo”

Making ”sake” in ”peaceful times”

”Heiwa Shuzo” was founded in 1928. There is a reason why the word ”peace” is in the company name.
Ever since its foundation, Heiwa Shuzo was popular for fine ”sake” making, but after World War II began, they were forced to close the shop temporarily. Even after the war ended, they were not able to secure the necessary license to reopen for business.
The second generation brew master, Yasumasa Yamamoto, made a speech to the diet, pleading for permission to resume ”sake” brewing. In the speech, he spoke about how difficult it was to have to close the brewery because of the war, and how he strongly yearned for making ”sake” after the war, in the ”peaceful times”. Many people were struck with his passion, and he was finally able to get permission to resume business.
That is why he put the word ”peace” into the name of his newly reopened company.

Brewing the flavors of Wakayama

Things did not go smoothly after the reopening. For a long time, they had to keep their business small and survive as an ”okeuri” brewery (small brewers who sell ”sake” to large manufacturers.). But they did not give up on their passion. When Japan entered the Heisei era, the taste of their ”sake” finally received recognition. The driving force of their business was being ”local”.

While Wakayama prefecture is known for fruit, it is not known for rice production. More than half of their agricultural products are fruits, and rice paddies account for a very small portion of the entire agricultural land. But Mizonokuchi, where Heiwa Shuzo is located, had a tradition of rice cultivation. So the brewery was able to place importance on using rice and yeast produced within the prefecture.

At Heiwa Shuzo, they currently produce ”Yamada Nishiki” brand rice within their own rice field. They also hold seasonal events such as manual rice sapling planting or reaping in appreciation to the local community. Many children and adults gather from the local community for the events, filling the rice fields with laughter.


Heiwa Shuzo Co., Ltd.
119 Mizonokuchi, Kainan, Wakayama Prefecture