”Sennari Charcoal Barbecue” Store specializing in ”Kuroge Wagyu” serving ”Omi beef”

”Sennari Charcoal Barbecue”
Store specializing in ”Kuroge Wagyu” serving ”Omi beef”

What is Omi beef?

Shiga is often associated with their famous Shiga beef. ”Sennari” is a place where you can savor high-quality ”Kuroge Wagyu”, mainly Omi beef graded over special A-4 rank. ”Omi beef” is known as one of the 3 best ”Wagyu” beef. During the Edo period, the Hikone clan invented miso-preserved beef and named it ”Henpongan”. It is recorded that this was ”nutritious medicine” and was presented to the Shogunate. Normal citizens did not consume beef, but in the Meiji period as the Western diet became more widespread, and with the sales promotion of the Omi merchants, the brand name ”Omi beef” soon became popular nationwide.

High-quality graded meat

“Yield grade” is the percentage of red meat to fat in 1body of cattle, rank ranging from Y1 to Y5. ”Above Special A-4 rank” means that the ”quality of meat” when evaluated using the 5 grades, ranked by marble, color, firmness, fineness, fat and is high quality meat. A-4 and B-5 ranked beef are issued certification documents and certification stickers, truly certified meat. The recommended menu at ”Sennari” is ”Sennari short ribs”. For a serving for 2, the price is roughly 2800 yen. The voluminous meat is lightly grilled to allow sweet juicy fat to melt out from the meat. Another popular menu is the rare ”Kuroge the Sennari special, salt-grilled jaw” that customers repeatedly order. The cost performance for the price of this meat is irresistible. Their homemade ”kimchee” and ”namul” uses Shiga-produced vegetables, which backs up their philosophy of high regard for quality and valuing local produce. This is the place to enjoy the taste of Shiga and Omi beef to your heart’s content.


Sennari Charcoaled Barbecue Kuroge Wagyu Specialized Store
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