Glass products that bring a smile ”Sugawara Glassworks Inc.”

Glass products that bring a smile
”Sugawara Glassworks Inc.”

Made for those ”who discover them”

”They are not art pieces. They are not glasses that cost more than 10,000 yen per piece. They are items that can be used daily. But we make things that make people feel comforted and reassured.”
Sugawara Glass Work aims to create glass products that exist in daily life.

There are about 30 craftsmen in the factory.
In order to devote time to each product, they do not mass produce with a large number of artisans.
On one occasion, they were asked ”Why don’t you participate in trade shows?”
It’s because they do not mass produce.
Sugawara says he’d rather have his pieces bought by customers ”who discovered the products”at a small store.

Another characteristic of this studio is that there are an overwhelmingly large number of women compared to most other studios.
Even compared to overseas studios, there are not many places with female craftsmen.
The delicacy of Sugawara Glasswork products might be a product of this characteristic.

The charm of glass that makes people smile

After finishing the tour of the factory, we went to the showroom where the products were on display.
”Is that glass too?” Nakata asked surprisingly, looking at a black glass and bottle that had a dull shine.
”Of course.”
”I’ve seen a black glassware, but never seen anything matte. It looks like ceramic when observed from a distance.”
By the way, there are also white matte glasses.
The product has a different charm from the glossy texture of the regular glass.

”This is also interesting.”
Sugawara showed us glasswork shaped like a horse.
I thought it was an ornament…
”Turn it over.”
”Oh! A beer glass!”
It was produced to commemorate the year of the horse. The idea became popular and became a hit item.
”This was based on an idea that came from veteran craftsman. The only request we have for our artisans when they’re designing something is… it should be used in everyday life. Something that makes people smile. That’s all.”
Drinking beer with an upside down horse glass.
Maybe it will add some cheerfulness to the daily meal.


Sugawara Glassworks Incorporated
797 Fujishita, Kujukuri-machi, Sanbu-gun, Chiba