Kushiro Marsh and River – Canoeing in the untouched wilderness

Kushiro Marsh and River
- Canoeing in the untouched wilderness

Experiencing the marsh while canoeing

Kushiro Shitsugen is the largest marshland in Japan with many endemic plants growing there. It is also roaming grounds for the red-crowned crane and Ezo deer. It is a popular spot for outdoor activities such as canoeing, and is also popular with foreign visitors who enjoy the full marshland experience. We experienced canoeing with Kushiro Marsh & River Company, who is recognized as Hokkaido Outdoor Good Business Operator. On the day of our visit, the water was about 1 m above usual, cloudy, with very little wind. The guide commented that “we have greater visibility today than usual”, raising our expectations.

Encountering wildlife in the silence

The surface of the water shines like a mirror, and the canoes slide along the surface. We went through an area surrounded by tall trees, and after about 20 minutes, the trees are gone and the great view of the marsh spreads out in front of us. They say that you can pick wild vegetables in the spring too. There are red-crowned cranes and Ezo deer on the bank of the river, and Nakata was excited to see this. The canoes travel quietly at about 5 km/h through the meandering marshland. Eventually, after we pass through the marsh, we see the historical Iwabokki Watergate. This signals that we are coming to the end of the canoe ride.


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