”Fattoriabio Hokkaido” Creating a cheese that didn’t exist in Japan, using an original technique

”Fattoriabio Hokkaido” Creating a cheese that didn’t exist in Japan,
using an original technique


Italian Cheese made with milk from Hokkaido

Fattoriabio is a farm in southern Italy with a long history of making cheese. Fattoriabio Hokkaido has only been in business since 2014 and has been challenging to create the best cheese using milk from Hokkaido. They stock fresh Ricotta cheese, Caciocavallo, Mozzarella Cheese, etc. varieties that are rare in Japan. Nakata was really interested in the process of making handmade cheese at the factory. He gets to try scooping Ricotta cheese. It is absolutely delicious, perhaps even better than what you can get in Italy, and Nakata was really impressed with the ”freshness” of the cheese. The fresh taste that plays up the flavor of the ingredient is something that cannot be achieved from mass produced cheese. The expiration date is short and lasts only one week.

Fresh taste that does not yet exist in Japan.

Cheese loses its juiciness when frozen, so fresh Italian cheese is very popular at restaurants. Ricotta cheese is especially popular with chefs, and is used for appetizers and salads. Nakata suggested, ”It would be interesting to use ”sake koji” to create a cheese that pairs well with ”sake”.The Springy Burrata which is mozzarella and fresh cream wrapped in mozzarella, had a ”delicate flavor, and the amount of salt changes its impression,” Nakata commented. Caciocavallo which is also delicious grilled, is often purchased for consumption in the home. For cheeses that are not well known, preparation suggestions can help expand their use.


Fattoriabio Hokkaido
12-Kita5 - 20 Heiwa Dori, Shiraishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
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