Awaji beef, Cattle grown with the blessings of Awaji Island

Awaji beef,
Cattle grown with the blessings of Awaji Island

Requirements for Awaji beef

Cattle have been raised in the Tajima area and Awaji island of Hyogo, to be used for plowing rice paddies and fields, and for carrying cargo in the Hyogo since ancient times. In recent years, as the culture to eat beef spread, cattle farmers have been raising cattle to ship their cows as Japanese black cattle with good quality meat and high fecundity. They are raised and shipped as Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef, or calves for veal. In fact, Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef are the same variety called Tajima beef cattle.
In 1986, Association for Awaji Beef Branding Promotion was established to develop Awaji beef, the best black cattle beef in Awaji Island, and to maintain the pedigree. It was a reflection of the decision to enhance awareness of the local specialty.
There are four requirements for Awaji beef. First, the cattle must be born on Awaji Island. Second, the cattle must be bred on Awaji Island. Third, the cattle should be slaughtered, separated and processed at the meat dressing facilities in Awaji Island or Hyogo. Fourth, the cattle must satisfy the variety assessment criteria specified by the association. The requirements reflect the association’s firm determination that the pure pedigree should be kept, and their belief that the natural environment of Awaji Island is best suited for high quality cow farming.

Careful livestock raising

When Nakata visited Nishioka’s farm, Tajima cattle were leisurely enjoying the blue skies outside their sheds. For the 8 months until they are shipped, the cattle are raised with great care on hay from the fields and special feed, to ensure they do not become ill. It takes another 2 years for them to be ready to be shipped as Awaji beef.
”I avoid feeding them anything that will create excessive fat when they’re young. They feed on the hay in the pastures to their heart’s content. Large stomachs encourage growth.” Nishioka told us.
Yamaguchi from the Association for Awaji Beef Branding Promotion who guided us commented ”The notion of creating something that one can provide with great confidence applies no matter the period. Of course, we’re dealing with live animals, so it take a lot of effort. But we will continue our efforts in partnership with professionals who have years of experience.”
Fine fibers packed with just the right amount of fat that is soft and melts away. Great tasting beef that is grown with the water and environment of Awaji Island, and great care from the farmers.


Association for Awaji Beef Branding Promotion
Awaji-shi, Hyogo