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Sake with Fukui design ”Kokuryu Sake Brewing”

Sake with Fukui design
”Kokuryu Sake Brewing”

Beautiful to the eye, delicious on the palate

Geographically blessed with good water, Kokuryu Sake Brewing pursues “elegant flavor” more than anything else. In particular, their labels ”Ishidaya” and ”Nizaemon” are highly reputed as rare items since they are available only once or twice a year.

”Sake” made at Kokuryu Sake Brewing are not only delicious, they are visually pleasing. More than anything, their bottles have great designs. You may easily imagine a conventional bottle of ”sake” placed on ”tatami”, which is masculine and okay. But the bottles of ”Ishidaya” and ”Nizaemon” have a beautiful contour and convey a special atmosphere. The bottles and the ”Echizen washi” label represent the predecessor’s attachment to their products.

”Daiginjo sake” for ”okan”

Kokuryu Sake Brewing created ”daiginjo sake” for ”okan” (heated ”sake”). You may find it hard to imagine heating ”daiginjo”, but the “daiginjo sake for okan” breaks the norm. That is ”Kuzuryu”.

It impressed alcohol lovers and successfully broke the status quo. Using a tool called ”Kantanoshi” to heat ”sake” with an electric pot full of hot water, you can easily enjoy ”okan” in a very tasteful manner.
Kokuryu Sake Brewing has resonated with the hearts of many because in many respects, it shows ingenuity in maximizing the enjoyment of ”sake”.


Kokuryu Sake Brewing Corporation
1-38 Matsuoka Kasuga, Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida-gun, Fukui