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Developing the Ultimate Recycling System ”Inaba Kankyo Corporation”

Developing the Ultimate Recycling System
”Inaba Kankyo Corporation”

Inaba Kankyo Corporation
323-1 Mochigasecho Minari, Tottori, Tottori Prefecture

Transforming compost to fertilizer.

In order to protect the homeland of Tottori, ”Inaba Kankyo Corporation” is in the business of maintaining and protecting the environment. Inaba is involved in activities targeted at beautification of the community and a recycling based lifestyle such as collection of household waste, street cleaning and recycling of plastic waste. Especially worthy of attention is their use of compost to make an organic soil activation solution. In other words, they dissolve the compost with the power of bacteria without burning the compost, and change it into fertilizer.

Recycling within local area

The vegetables harvested from the local fields are consumed within the local community. Then the waste is changed into fertilizer, and used in the local fields. This is the ultimate recycling system. The factory which changes compost into fertilizer is self-owned, as well as the fields where the fertilizer is used. When this fertilizer is used, plants use up less glucose as they grow, resulting in very sweet vegetables. On the farm, vegetables are also grown without pesticides, and are sold directly in their whops. Identifying what can be done from a local perspective. Their activities helps us realize the importance of such endeavors.


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