350 Years of Tea Kettle Making ”Kanchi Miyazaki, Tea Kettle Maker”

350 Years of Tea Kettle Making
”Kanchi Miyazaki, Tea Kettle Maker”

Tea kettle maker serving the Kaga clan

Kanchi Miyazaki, tea kettle maker, continues to create kettles loved by people who conduct tea ceremonies.
The name has been famous throughout the generations and Kanchi Miyazaki is the 14th generation with the same name.
The first generation was born in 1633, more than 350 years ago. The Miyazaki family had originally been a metal caster, later learning the skills for kettle making in Kyoto. Hearing of the highly appraised skills, the Kaga feudal lord at the time Toshitsune Maeda called him to Kanazawa when constructing Komatsu castle, and then appointed him the official tea kettle maker to the Kaga clan. Kanchi Miyazaki the 1st created many masterpieces, with strong ”Wabi Sabi” concept.
The name lives on to this day as Miyazaki continues to create tea kettle masterpieces.

Enjoying the texture of the kettle

The kettles created by Kanchi Miyazaki the 14th are similar to the ones the very first Kanchi Miyazaki used to make, keeping the tradition of simplicity in color, shape and texture. However, he has added depth and a heavy set tone to the his kettles.
The tea kettles have been loved the by tea masters for generations, and created by the craftsman with the name Kanchi Miyazaki, passed on for 350 years.


Tea Kettle Maker Kanchi Miyazaki
Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture