Creating seed rice ”JA Tonamino Rice Plant Center”

Creating seed rice
”JA Tonamino Rice Plant Center”

Production Center for Seed Rice

Tonamino district is located in between Tonami and Nanto cities in the western part of Toyama prefecture. The view of the countryside gives you a feeling of relief and relaxation with its vast view of the meadows and fields. The district is famous for rice production. ”JA Tonamino Rice Plant Center” studies, preserves, and cultivates rice from seeds. Seed rice is used for creating rice plants. Tonamino, Toyama is originally famous for the production of seed rice. The climate is most adequate, with winds that blow in the morning and afternoon, that would blow away the dew collecting on the rice plant leaves and stems, protecting it from pests and sickness.

Selecting the Best Species

Since the old days, Toyama medicine sellers travelled across the country selling medicine and whenever new rice plants with strong resistance to disease were discovered, they would sell the rice seeds along with the medicine by mentioning it matter of factly in a casual conversation like ”Well, this seed you see here..” Now, for the production of better seeds, the Center focus on things such as creating good soil, seed disinfection, and extracting malformed plant stubs. In addition, they offer the latest high-quality, selected seed plants. They further develop seeds that have been nurtured through time with state-of-the-art technology.


Tonamino Agricultural Cooperative Rice Seed Center
445-2 Goka Shogawamachi Tonami-shi Toyama