Awaji Onion Club – Onions grown in fields where fireflies gather

Awaji Onion Club
- Onions grown in fields where fireflies gather

The famous onion producing area

Hyogo is ranked second in onion production in Japan. Awaji Island produces 95% of the prefecture’s onions. There are telltale evidences for that second place. There are some mascot characters related to Awaji onions: Awaji-san Tama-chan, her rivals Tamayama Negio and Tamayama Negiko.
Onion ramen is the popular menu at the Awaji Island service area. Stir-fried sweet onions go well with ramen.
The onions from Awaji Island are juicy with less pungency and smell. One of the reasons is that they are grown in soil rich in minerals that are generated by the seventy-million-year-old sedimentary layers. The soil makes onions very sweet.

The surprisingly high sugar content

Awaji Onion Club makes very sweet onions with a gentle taste. Fully ripe onions produced and selected on their farm boasts the sugar content of 9 while the value is 7 for average onions.
The late variety suitable for storing can achieve a sugar content of 14 that is higher than watermelons. We recommend the variety to those children who don’t like onions because of the pungency or strong smell.
The farm produces onions using salt, the sea water of Awaji Island, and bittern while using less agrochemicals. This makes the soil full of minerals. That is why fireflies come to their fields in the summer.
Try the onions that are sweeter than watermelons grown in the firefly-attracting fields.


Shuji Narui, the representative of Awaji Onion Club
594 Aiya, Sumoto, Hyogo Prefecture