”Suetomi” A Feel of  ”Kyoto”

A Feel of ”Kyoto”

Adorable and Good Japanese Confectionery

An old-established Japanese confectionery founded in 1893. The company originally started off with dry sweets and steamed sweets to be used at temples and at tea ceremonies. However their ”vegetable crackers” released post-war was an immense hit, that made the company name famous. These vegetable crackers are simple egg biscuits with thinly laid out Kyoto vegetables, such as Oguraike lotus roots, Horikawa burdocks, buds of Kurama, etc. Classical egg biscuits originally simple snacks for children were transformed into classy crackers for adults. Also highly recommended are their fresh Japanese ”namagashi” confectionery. Nakata tried creating one himself. What was impressive was that his name, ”Hide” was branded on each confectionery cake. All are handmade, thus to create a beautiful namagashi, you need technique earned by many years of experience. Many people use ”Suetomi” confectionery as gifts, and this is for their wrapping as well. The wrapping paper used is often referred to as the ”Suetomi blue” which is a soft hue of blue and this wrapper would raise the expectations of the receiver before even eating it. Professional hospitality to the extreme. Providing confectionery uniquely Kyoto, with thought for actual consumers. We felt their strong passion for their products with unstinted devotion.


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