Environment and people friendly farm ”Holistic Farm”

Environment and people friendly farm
”Holistic Farm”

Herbs and Vegetables Grown in Chita Peninsula

On the very tip of Chita Peninsula, there is an herb garden on the hill overlooking the sea. Already sounding attractive, ”Holistic Farm” is a farm which cultivates over 50 kinds of herbs and western vegetables. Holistic refers to ”the whole”, ”being interconnected” and ”balanced”. For example, holistic medicine attracts attention as an alternative form of medicine which values the harmony between the mind and the body. The idea is close to that of oriental medicine, which sees ”mind・spirit・body” as a whole. Herbs have the power to harmonize the mind and the body, and enhance natural healing power. The concept of ”Holistic Farm” is to apply that power into everyday life, to be able to lead a happy and healthy life. The farm sells herbs and vegetables which are grown under nature’s own rhythm, mainly through their membership delivery channel. The fresh and aromatic herbs and vegetables are in high demand, not only from individual members but from restaurants. Herb tea made from sun-dried seasonal herbs, and herb salt that give accent to dishes are also popular products.

Revitalizing Farms

They also have projects to re-examine agriculture itself to revitalize new farms. They revitalize abandoned fields using natural farming methods without the use of agricultural chemicals, and give total support including marketing of the produce. The landscape design by Mr. Hidemi Yamamoto, chairman of Holistic Farm, reflects how environment friendly they are. He designs as a whole, taking into consideration the scenery as well as where air purifying plants should be planted, what kind of soil would purify water, etc.
Rosemary and thyme to bring out the flavor of meat. Sage tea when suffering from a cold. Chamomile and lavender sachets by the pillow to calm your mind when irritated… Herbs are already familiar in our lives. However, if we use herbs from ”Holistic Farm”, we may discover additional ways of enjoying them.


Minamichita Herb Farm Holistic Farm
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