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Paint your own daruma!  ”Homeland of daruma, Daimonya”

Paint your own daruma!
”Homeland of daruma, Daimonya”

Takasaki is the top ”Daruma City” in Japan

”Takasaki Daruma”once called ”Toyooka Daruma,” is very popular in Japan. We often see elected politicians painting black eyes on ”daruma” dolls in TV news. Almost all the ”daruma” that are used for such occasions are the ”Takasaki Daruma”, because Gunma has the majority market share in ”daruma” production. That is why it is called the town of ”daruma”.

”Homeland of Daruma, Daimonya” is an established ”daruma” company with 200 years of history. In addition to traditional ”daruma,” they also create colored ”daruma” in colors such as pink, purple and other colors, as well as customized ones. In 2010, the company produced the blue ”daruma” to pray for the victory of the Samurai Blue (a nickname for the national soccer team) in the World Cup Tournament.

A yellow ”daruma” to pray for traffic safety!

Entering the production studio, we saw rows and rows of ”daruma” being made. The craftsmen were sandwiched by many ”daruma” dolls while they were painting them.

Here, tourists and visitors can experience painting their own”daruma”. Choose your favorite ”daruma” and paint an eye and mustache as you make your wish. Nakata chose a yellow ”daruma”. He wanted to pray for traffic safety. ”How should I draw it?” he exclaimed as he worked diligently on replicating the sample of a beautifully finished ”daruma” .




Daimonya Bussan Co., Ltd.
124-2 Fujitsuka-cho, Takasaki-shi, Gunma