Learning about energy ”Matsuura Thermal Power Plant” ”Matsuura Power Plant”

Learning about energy
”Matsuura Thermal Power Plant” ”Matsuura Power Plant”

Visiting the thermal power station

Matsuura Thermal Power Station is located in Matsuura-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture, and it is a coal-burning thermal power station of Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. It is a coal-burning power plant which supplies electricity to approximately 670,000 households in western Japan, with an output of 2 million kilowatts with Unit One starting operation in 1990 and Unit Two starting operation in 1997.
Matsuura Power Station Unit One (output of 700,000 kilowatts) was built as the first imported coal-burning single fuel thermal power plant of Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. It has been supplying electricity with smooth operations since commencing commercial operation in June 1989. Matsuura Port, centered on the dockside for receiving overseas coal, also plays a role as an international trade port for large vessels. Together with the adjacent Matsuura Thermal Power Station of Electric Power Development Co., Ltd., it is a large capacity thermal power station with an output of 2.7 million kilowatts.

Promoting environmental measures

Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. is actively working to reduce CO2 emissions and effectively utilize unused resources in its efforts to combat global environmental issues. At Matsuura Thermal Power Station, biosolid fuel made from sewage sludge is used as power plant fuel mixed with coal. For a business use thermal power generation facility, it is the first in the country to be certified as a new energy generation facility based on the *RPS system.
※ RPS system: Act on special measures concerning the use of new energy etc. by electricity utilities


Matsuura Thermal Power Station J-Power (Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.)
458-1 Shirahamamen Sezaki, Shisa-cho, Matsuura-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture
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