Creating people’s lifestyles ”graf”

Creating people’s lifestyles

Attractive space in the graf bld

”graf” is the name of a group of designers who create and produce all sorts of items that are related to people’s lifestyles. Perhaps their name is well-known through their original furniture. They not only design furniture, but also design structures, space, graphic arts, and even food. They create people’s lifestyles. The origin of ”graf” is a group called ”decorative mode number three” which started in 1993. In 1998, they opened the showroom ”graf” in Minami Horie, Osaka, which was later moved to Nakanoshima in 2000.
”graf bld” is a five-story building where the group’s construction and graphic design offices are located. It also has a shop and showroom facility that exhibits and sells their original furniture and products; in addition to items that are selected and brought here from around the nation. There is also a salon space where creators can gather to meet and exchange information to make new discoveries. A cafe called ”fudo” is also in this building where customers can actually touch and use the furniture and products designed by ”graf”.

Designing to create better lifestyles

The restaurant here is especially popular and receives many, many customers each day. Being a restaurant created by designers, the interior and lighting is very exclusive, not to mention the delicious dishes prepared with local ingredients.
Simple but artistic. The ambience of the restaurant is so pleasant that you may forget lose track of time.
The group not only work in Osaka, but venture out to other parts of the country to design stores and to work on many projects. They are involved in a wide range of activities including designing exhibition spaces and even designing the buildings themselves.
They define furniture as ”tools of life”. What they aim for is ”designing to bring better lifestyles” to people.


4-1-18 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka