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Main factory of the world-leading enterprise, YKK ”YKK Kurobe Operational Office”

Main factory of the world-leading enterprise,
YKK ”YKK Kurobe Operational Office”

What Comes to Your Mind with Word, ”Fasteners”?

Let’s pay attention to the fasteners on your pants, jacket, bag, etc. You would surely see ”YKK” printed somewhere, whether the items be a domestic brand or otherwise. I am sure that most people are aware that ”YKK” is a world-class famous Japanese company. It is a company that has its fastening business and architectural products business as its core operations. It is said that the sales revenue of the fastening business globally is approximately 450 billion yen, while YKK’s share is approximately 200 billion, in other words, it holds 45% of the entire world share. The 2nd and 3rd in share rank only has a single digit revenue, proving how much YKK excels.

The Philosophy of Cycling Goodness

”YKK” has operations in 71 countries around the world and regions in Asia and Europe. It is a global enterprise, having more than 100 group companies. The enterprise is supported by stable technology and the technology is accumulated here, at Kurobe Operational Office. ”YKK” started global development in 1959 and has been leading the world since. Their fundamental philosophy derives from their founder, Tadao Yoshida which is ”The Cycling of Goodness”. It is a philosophy that prosperity will only be achieved by contributing to the profit of others.

Exhibiting the Plant and Technology

Here at the Kurobe Operational Office the corporate philosophy is fully exhibited. The adjacent ”YKK Center Park” has a memorial museum and a plaza where visitors can use. Here you can stroll in the facility and learn about the manufacturing line and history of the company. Not in pursuit of one’s own profit, but being concerned about contribution to the local district. They are always alert of opinions from its end users and supplying companies, which would link to improvement. ”YKK Center Park” by ”YKK Kurobe Operational Office”, the core of the YKK global enterprise. Why not pay them a visit?


YKK Co., Ltd. Kurobe Operational Office
(YKK Co., Ltd. Kurobe Operational Office) 200 Yoshida Kurobe-shi Toyama