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A hotel in the woodlands, reminiscent of one’s hometown ” Kakunodate Sanso WABIZAKURA”

A hotel in the woodlands, reminiscent of one’s hometown
” Kakunodate Sanso WABIZAKURA”

An old traditional house in the midst of nature

What will capture your eyes first is an old traditional house with a thatched roof. You feel calm just by viewing this lodge in the woods. We visited 200-year old ”Kakunodate Sanso WABIZAKURA”, an old traditional inn that had been moved to this location surrounded by nature. WABIZAKURA is located in Nishikicho Kadoya, Senboku-City, where Tozawa-shi had once built Kadoya castle. It was transferred from what is now Shizukuishi-cho Iwate in Jokyu 2, approximately 800 years ago in Tekiseki. The remains of Kadoya castle currently stands secluded in the woods, resembling the once natural fortress it had in the past. Furthermore, considering that the Aoyagis are one of the representing Kakunodate Buke estates, and that Aoyagi-shi first served under Tozawa-shi, Kadoya had played an important role in Kakunodate history.

Taste made with mind and skill

Food at WABIZAKURA is designed by Hiromitsu Nozaki, the Head Executive Chef of ”Waketokuyama” in Minami-Azabu Tokyo. Akita is naturally abundant with fish, meat and vegetables. Chef Nozaki expresses ”delicious food for the body” using these natural ingredients. The ingredients’ natural taste is drawn out with gentle tenderness. Another perk is you can order in-room lunch (cost not included). Enjoying eating out during an outing is one of the attractions of travelling, but eating inside the room can also be a treat. And if that meal happened to be delicious, it would sure be a memorable lunch.

To reflect on time that has passed

Hot springs drawn directly from the source. Enjoy a dip in the tub, relaxing as though united with nature. It will warm both your body and soul. The view from the window is of the green trees and the mountains in the background. I do not think I would express this as just magnificent nature. The view relieves stress and simultaneously helps clear your mind. During winter, you will hear the sound of snow falling. That is tranquility. Experience nature with all your senses, and reflect on time that has passed.


Kakunodate Sanso WABIZAKURA
2-8 Aza Sasayama Kadoya Nishikicho Senboku city Kakunodate Akita