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Natural, Cage Free Eggs and Desserts using eggs ”Oenosato Nature Farm”

Natural, Cage Free Eggs and Desserts using eggs
”Oenosato Nature Farm”

Oenosato Nature Farm
126 Hashimoto, Yazu, Tottori Prefecture

Raising chickens in a natural environment

The peaceful town of Funaoka is surrounded by mountains, and you can hear the birds chirping. At ”Oenosato Natural Farm”, there are energetic chickens running around under plenty of sun. Poultry producer Riichiro Obara is a true ”chicken man”, born and raised on a chicken farm. There was a time when he had to close his family’s poultry farm to work at another farm outside of Tottori because his farm was not able to complete with the expanding farms around him. What he saw there were chickens fed with factory-made feed that contained additives, crammed into small cages with not even a sliver of sunshine. ”Healthy energetic chickens can’t grown in such a terrible environment, never mind healthy, tasty eggs.” Obara was so appalled to see these conditions, that he became determined to raise chickens himself in an environment as close to nature as possible. That is how Oenosato Nature Farm was came to be. Chickens on the farm run around freely, pecking at insects, and bathing in the sun. In line with his resolution, the chicken are raised in conditions that are as close to nature as possible with tender loving care.

The improved taste of eggs

Not only the chickens raised in a cage free environment, they are fed with home made feed containing crab shells, kelp, and fish powder which are specialties of the Sanin area. The chickens are also given natural mineral water. The chicken are currently kept indoors to prevent being infected with bird influenza, but even the indoor area is expansive with plenty of sunlight so the chickens can run around freely indoors as well. The natural eggs ”Tenbiran” which come from this wonderful environment taste absolutely delicious. It is so delicious that it received high praise from popular TV food critic Asako Kishi. The eggs are best eaten raw as ”tamago kake gohan” to enjoy the true taste of the egg. Other top selling products include puddings and chiffon cakes made with carefully selected ingredients. There has never been a need for a lot of marketing, as their reputation spread by word of mouth, attracting many customers even from outside Tottori. Rich eggs with concentrated taste, and desserts made with plenty of these eggs. Do experience this gift from nature for yourself.


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