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”Shimanto Hotel” Enjoy the clear water of Shimanto River and the Pacific Ocean

”Shimanto Hotel”
Enjoy the clear water of Shimanto River and the Pacific Ocean

Shimanto Hotel
3370 Shimoda, Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture

Enjoying the area around Shimanto River

Shimanto River is often referred to as the last clear water river in Japan. Around the river, you can spot 76 varieties of dragonflies out of the total 200 species that exist in Japan. This is one of the best dragonfly areas in the world. There are bridges called ”Chinkabashi (Sunken Bridge)” which do not have handrails, scattered around the river, adding a nostalgic ambience. Chinkabashi represents the wisdom of the local people from the past to deal with the sudden rise in water level with heavy rains, causing the bridges to sink. Bridges without handrails were less likely to be damaged by floating trees when they were immersed in water. ”Shimanto Healing Village” is located close to where the Shimanto River flows into the Pacific Ocean. The hotel in this village is ”Shimanto Hotel”.

Spending a time of relaxation

There are 30 rooms all together in ”Shimanto Hotel” which is surrounded by nature. The 4 special Japanese style rooms have outdoor baths, and some rooms offer ”Goemon bathtub” where the water is heated from below the tub. From the window, you can see the sun shining through the trees, and the atmosphere is filled with relaxation. They serve ”kaiseki” cuisine, utilizing the catches from Shimanto River and Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy the bounty of nature.
You can also immerse yourself in nature by cycling and hiking. Nearby, there is ”Dragonfly Natural Park”, the world’s first dragonfly protected area. This hotel is suitable for those who want to enjoy both the Shimanto River and the Pacific Ocean all at once.


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