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Shimayado Mari, Serving dishes using with Shodo Island soy sauce

Shimayado Mari,
Serving dishes using with Shodo Island soy sauce

Shimayado Mari
Kou 2011, Noma, Shodoshima-cho Shozu-gun, Kagawa

Hotel in a Cultural Property

”Mari” is nostalgic, bringing joy to the traveler. The relaxing atmosphere is a great match with the mountains and blue skies of Shodo Island. The hotel offers thoughtful hospitality, relaxing comfortable guestrooms, and ”kaiseki” meals using the soy sauce that is a specialty of the island. The small hotel with only seven guestrooms has always ranked among the top in the ”onsen” hotel ranking in West Japan, in a magazine issued by Shobunsha Publications.
The main building is designated as a Cultural Property, having been converted from a 70-year old house. Guests will be amused, with elements unique to Shodo Island such as the beam from a soy sauce brewery, and the bathtub made of barrels in each guestroom.
Each of the seven guest rooms have a different theme, with them being named Hishi, O, De, Mo, Te, Na, and Su. Hishi is a villa that was renovated from an old storehouse, and is also designated as a Cultural Property.

Hospitality with ”hishio”

When you put the names of the guest rooms together, it means hospitality with ”hishio” (hishio de motenasu). ”Hishio” is another term for soy sauce. ”Mari” treats guests with a kaiseki meal using soy sauce, the specialty of Shodo Island. While ”hishio” is usually just a seasoning, with the ”kaiseki” meals served at ”Mari”, it definitely has a presence, even in comparison to the fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea and vegetables from Shodo Island. They use soy sauce and aged ”moromi” for the perfect seasoning to their dishes. ”Moromi” is fermented salted soy beans, and soy sauce is made by pressing ”moromi”, giving it the concentrated ”umami” of soybeans. Many guests come back to enjoy the ”kaiseki” meal.
The hotel offers car and bicycle rentals. You can feel the sea breeze in a Volkswagen Cabriolet, or ride a bicycle made by the Canadian sporting goods manufacturer Louis Garneau. These little extras will enhance your trip.
”Mari” offers comfort mixed with history and tradition and stylishness.


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